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Let us help you with your financial planning and investments.

At Green Eagle we help families make better financial decisions and develop a financial roadmap for the future. We can also develop the investment portfolio that is right for you, your principles, and your unique needs.

Whether you're planning your children's education, trying to reduce your tax burden, or developing a retirement plan, we can help you achieve your goals.  And our affiliation with the national financial planning firm, Equitable Advisors, expands our ability to provide a broad range of wealth management services.

We also help both private and non-profit employers with a wide range of services including executive and group benefits and low cost 401k/403b retirement plans.

Our broad experience and community involvement

Green Eagle's mission is to help families achieve their financial goals and to help our community to become a better place to live and work. William Bruno, Green Eagle's President, has served on the Investment Committee of the Fairfax County, VA Bar Association and on the Episcopal Diocese of Washington's Task Force on Sustainable and Responsible Investing.  Many churches, the Montgomery County Greenfest, the Rockville JCC, and others have invited us to speak on these topics.

Have a positive impact through your investments, IRA & office retirement plan.

Sustainable, impact, and fossil fuel free investing can be part of an effective strategy to fight global warming and promote positive social change.    Green Eagle has extensive experience in sustainable investing.

The President of Green Eagle Financial was invited by several investment firms to help traditional financial advisors master sustainable and impact investing. Green Eagle can also help you work with your employer so that your workplace retirement plan, 401k/403b, offers the opportunity to invest sustainably. 

For more information on Green Eagle's approach to sustainable investing go to the drop down menu under "About Us".  If you have questions or would like to learn more about sustainable investing, please e-mail us at or call us at 202.669.0280.  Thank you.