Doing Well by Doing Good

Profits vs. Principles: A False Dilemma for Investors


The bigger house or the shorter commute?  The private school for the kids or a more secure retirement?  Dinner at the trendy new restaurant downtown or the dynamite business suit?

Life is full of difficult choices.  Fortunately, one has been getting easier – whether to focus on growing your portfolio or standing by your principles.  In fact, according to many experts, choosing between principles and profits is no longer a dilemma at all. 

You don’t have to invest in companies whose business practices are not aligned with your own values just to try to maximize your profits.  Today, perhaps as never before, we do have the possibility of “doing well by doing good.”  

Indeed, sustainable and responsible investing, sustainable and responsible investing, (SRI), is becoming much more common.  Today, many affluent individuals, houses of worship, and other organizations are weighing social and environmental factors when they make their investment decisions. 

Should you become a SRI Investor?

The first step is to obtain a professional second opinion on your current investments, a very valuable exercise in its own right.  As part of our complimentary review we would evaluate your portfolio’s strengths, weaknesses, and risks. 

We would then contrast your current investments with a portfolio that would more closely match your values.  And of course, we would make sure your portfolio is adequately integrated into your family’s broader tax, retirement, and estate planning strategy. 

Your family or organization may want a portfolio that is entirely sustainable and fossil fuel free.  Or maybe you are more comfortable with a blend of traditional and sustainable investments.  And others will find the review valuable, but will want to maintain their current portfolio and continue contributing to the community in other ways. 

We can help

Whatever your perspective, we can help you navigate the different traditional and SRI approaches and help determine what portfolio is best for you, your finances, and your beliefs.   Please feel free to contact us at   Or you can let us contact you.  To do this go to the upper right part of our home page, and you will see "Contact Us." Use the drop down menu to click on "Have Us Contact You".  We look forward to learning more about your goals and values.